• About Dalmex

    Dalmex started with the initiative as being the only company able to understand customers and help them succeed in today's economy. We want to help customers do their purchasing and warehousing more efficiently and their transportation lest costly. We understand that in today's economy there are many restraints and we like to add value to everything we do for our customers, and sometimes that means maintaining our discounts even with not so large purchasing volumes.

    Our work culture and values rely more on people than quick profits. We strongly believe that in order to be successful we must communicate appropriately and in an ethical manner with our customers. We want to help our customers be more successful through their purchasing power, and we like to do it with quality products and exceptional service. The quality of our service means a lot to our customers and to our own business and people. We feel that in order to make our customers happy we also have to be comfortable in doing what we like, which means that we pay attention to detail in every order we supply and every question our customers have.

    We distribute our products in the entire US to more than 150 clients located throughout Arkansas, California, Colorado, DC, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, The Carolinas, Texas and many other states. Doing this requires a strong effort in customer service. We rely on other suppliers to deliver our products; in order to do it successfully we must rely on excellent communications skills.

    Sharing our knowledge on what with do comes easy to us, that is why we remain committed to our objectives.

  • Our Mission:

    Stand out as the only company specialized in Mexican products that is able to understand, communicate and guide our customers in making their purchasing more efficient, their warehousing less costly and their sales more profitable.

    Our slogan:

    Quality Service in Mexican Groceries